Friday, July 24, 2020

Unknown Song #6 Identified (plus more to come)

At least three, possibly four, Primetime songs have been identified today.  The first of these, "Like the Wind," is the '70s-esque track from that forgettable Falcons/Lions clip from 1988.  This track has a relatively famous composer, though.  Walter Murphy, the writer of Like the Wind, is best known for composing (technically rearranging) the Billboard #1 disco hit "A Fifth of Beethoven" in 1976.  Murphy is also the primary composer for most all of Seth MacFarlane's TV & Movie properties (Family Guy, Ted, etc.).  The original Valentino LP that contains Like the Wind isn't available online AFAIK, but—just like The Far Turn & Fast Man–the song made its way onto one of those 2009 Valentino compilation albums.


Special thanks to GodzFire for ID'ing US #6 and the other songs that I will update in the next few days.  GodzFire has been cleaning up the audio on some of the Primetime clips so the tracks can be heard better.  He uploaded those audio clips to youtube today, and that caused a few of them to be copyright flagged—not very helpful for generating ad revenue (for those people that can still do that on youtube), but extremely helpful for identifying songs.  You can check out his work here.


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