Sunday, August 19, 2018

Unknown Song #12 Identified

Back in November, I mentioned that US #12 received a copyright notice with info that wasn't sufficient enough to ID the song.  Thanks to google, I was finally able to track it down today.  The piece is indeed called "The Right Stuff" (or, more accurately, "The Right Stuff (alt mix)"), and it's contained on a CD from the Parry Music Library.  Parry is a Canadian production music firm that was founded in 1974 (thanks, discogs!), making this—I believe—the first Canadian song identified on this site.  I have no idea why the Parry connection to this track failed to come up when I was searching last year.  As an aside, the "play" links on the Parry Music website don't work, so I've linked to the BMG Music website instead.

The Right Stuff was composed by Tom Jenkins & Barry Schleifer.  Jenkins has a long history in the audio business with all sorts of pop-music acts, movie soundtracks, and stage productions.  I can't find much info on Schleifer, but he at least has an imdb page.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Unknown Song #35 (Oddball Week, Part 5) - Mega Scape

Song - Mega Scape
Artist(s) - John Andrew Hancock
Released - No later than 1997
Primetime Usage - 1997
Contained on - Moments Music MML014 (Ultimate Dance Moments)
Featured Highlight -
Jets @ Seahawks, 1997


One of the youtube commenters on my last post opined that this track—Unknown Song #35—is even more unmemorable than US #34.  I wouldn't go that far, since—if nothing else—US #35 is a bit louder than US #34, but it's still quite clear why this tune didn't last on NFL Primetime.  Anyway, here's Bill Parcells's first game as head coach of the Jets.  They immediately turned around an awful 1-15 year by humiliating the Seahawks in the Kingdome.  You may not like the accompanying song, but you should at least enjoy Chris, Tom, and Stu's constant reference to Keyshawn Johnson's 1997 book, Just Give Me the Damn Ball.