Friday, June 30, 2017

Total News

Song - Total News
Artist(s) - Tom Blades
Released - 1996
Primetime Usage - 1997-05
Featured Highlight - Rams @ Eagles, 2002

I finally found one of the missing staples from the later years of NFL Primetime.  "Total News" created a good balance of laid-back fun & energetic tension that saved a lot of otherwise unimpressive game highlights—it's no wonder they used it a lot over the final 9 seasons of the show.  Following Leading Edge, Total News is both the second Primetime track discovered in the Atmosphere library and the second one composed by Tom Blades.  I am currently searching this library to hear if there's more.

Oh, and special thanks to Josh Ochs on youtube.  There's a 1998 Washington Capitals broadcast video posted by Dan Conroy that periodically uses this song.  I asked if anyone knew the song in the comments, and Josh Ochs ID'd it for me.

As for Total News's highlight, here's one of the worst played games of all time…

*SIDE NOTE* - Universal Production Music revamped their whole website a few days ago and all of the album URLs have changed.  It's now instead of and I have fixed all the links on this website to reflect the change.  The "UNIPPM" blog label has also been replaced by "Universal."

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Song - Marathon
Artist(s) - Hal Brown, Donald Bradley Kelley (Brad Kelley) (?)
Released - 1985
Primetime Usage - 1987-88
Contained on - FirstCom UT103 (Lightning)
Featured Highlight - Packers @ Saints, 1987

Perhaps the most used song in the the first two years of NFL Primetime, "Marathon"—though enjoyable—is an unusual one.  It's a track that doesn't seem to fit football highlights at first, but works surprisingly well after a few listens.  I guess Marathon would be classified as fusion, though it's a bit more driving-rockish and edgy than a stereotypical fusion piece like Solar Winds.  Speaking of Solar Winds, Marathon is contained on the same hard-to-find FirstCom Up Tempo album.

As with Communique, I'm not certain I have the artist credits correct.  There is a song named "Marathon" credited to Hal Brown & Donald Bradley Kelley in the ASCAP database, though, and they were frequent FirstCom composers during this era.  They also composed Drive Away, which is similar in many ways to Marathon.

The highlight this time shows the New Orleans Saints coronating their first-ever playoff appearance against the Green Bay Packers.  As you'll see in the video, the Saints would be far more jubilant at the end of this one than they would be a week later after a humiliating loss to the 8-7 Vikings.  This was also Forrest Gregg's final game as an NFL head coach.