Sunday, July 5, 2020

Theighs Mon Now on YouTube

I still don't know when John Colby will post Theighs Mon on his site, but here's the youtube link:

*EDIT* - Link taken down.  Others have posted it on youtube, though, so all you have to do is search it.


  1. It got taken down, removed by the uploader it seems. No idea why, but that’s sadly the case. However, I ripped the audio off the video while it was still up, so it’s not completely lost. Although I think I’m gonna wait before re-upping it, because I don’t need ESPN’s lawyers on my ass.

    1. I do know who uploaded it (they used an alternate account), but—since they took it down—I'm not sure I should ID them. I emailed this person a week ago about why they took it down and haven't received a reply.

    2. Did they ever say how they got it? I'd be very curious to know. Aside from that, Victora Castro actually re-upped it a couple days ago: