Friday, October 6, 2017

Unknown Song #6 - Like the Wind

Song - Like the Wind
Artist(s) - Walter Murphy
Released - 1983
Primetime Usage - 1988
Contained on - Valentino 6145 (LP), V-CD 33 (Sports), VT040 (Sports Vol. 2, Electronic & Rock 2)
Featured Highlight - Falcons @ Lions, 1988


Even though this was 1988, Unknown Song #6 sounds very 1970s-ish.  I guess that's true for some of the other '80s tracks (e.g., Solar Winds), as well, but I don't have much else to say to describe this one.  Unfortunately, I have only one low-quality Primetime clip of this track.  It's an unusually short clip, too, and it features two teams that both sucked throughout the entire 1980s.

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