Friday, February 1, 2019

Unknown Song #50 - Legends

Song - Legends
Artist(s) - Joel Beckerman & Lloyd Landesman
Released - N.A. (recorded in 2001)
Primetime Usage - 2001-05
Contained on - N.A. (ESPN internal)  
Featured Highlight - Saints @ Raiders, 2004


Here it is, the last of the mid-2001 trio of new NFL Primetime songs and the last (AFAIK) new Primetime song period.  Unknown Song #50, which I've seen called "Legends" in some of the mp3 sets over the years, is similar in tone to Bad Company.  It's more funk-like and less orchestral than Bad Company, but it still fits games & teams with a dark & grinding theme.  Going through the highlights, it seemed to get used for most every Dick LeBeau/Corey Dillon Bengals game in 2002 and for a lot of Raiders games in 2004.  This song really is perfect for the Oakland Raiders and their historical reputation, so I used one of those '04 Raiders games as the highlight for this post.

There's only one Unknown Song that I'm aware of that hasn't been posted yet.  I tried to post it back in 2017, but the video was blocked by the NFL and I had no other clips with that piece.  My last few video posts have been copyright tagged by the NFL without being blocked, however, so I'll probably try to upload that one again in March sometime.  After that… I'm not sure.  I'll note whenever a song gets identified, of course (so keep checking the blog), and maybe somebody will upload some 1987-88 NFL Primetime episodes someday so I can see if there are any other Primetime tracks I'm unaware of.  At any rate… thanks to everyone who's been reading this blog so far!