Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Unknown Song #21 Identified

Back in my first post from this late-July extravaganza, I mentioned "at least three, possibly four" newly identified NFL Primetime songs.  The fourth one, "Overdrive," only had the song title mentioned when it was copyright flagged on Godzfire's YouTube account.  Less than a day later, it was fully identified by Moleoman on the Library Music Themes message board.  Overdrive comes from the Amphonic music libary and was written by Howard Jones & Tim Shaxson.  I couldn't really find any info on either composer.  There is a Tim Shaxson who's a Technical Sales Manager for the mixing-board company DiGiCo, but I'm not 100% sure that's the same guy.  Anyway, thanks to both Godzfire and Moleoman for getting this one ID'd.


Sunday, July 26, 2020

Unknown Song #40 Identified

The other Rick DiFonzo piece in this mini-flourish of identified Primetime tracks is "Surf Your Own Wave." I'm not sure why this one didn't get used more on the show since it fits perfectly with football highlights (much better than it does with surfing), but oh well.  In addition to its official BRg album, Surf Your Own Wave is contained on a 2015 compilation album titled Surf's Up:  Surf & Beach Rock Jams.  This album is available on both Apple Music (linked) and Amazon Music.  Again, thanks to Godzfire for ID'ing this one.


Saturday, July 25, 2020

Unknown Song #39 Identified

The second of the four unknown songs to be identified on July 23rd., "Power Plant," is also the first of two to be written by Rick DiFonzo.  Rick DiFonzo was a member of The Bleeding Heart Band that backed Roger Waters around 1990, and he's also associated with the BRg production music company.  Power Plant, as well as the song I'll post the ID for tomorrow, comes from the BRg library.  This library is hosted on the Manhattan Music website.  Unfortunately, Manhattan doesn't appear to show album release dates anywhere on their streaming service.  I also couldn't find these albums on Discogs, so the year that Power Plant was released will remain murky for now.  Again, thanks to Godzfire for getting this track ID'd.


Friday, July 24, 2020

Unknown Song #6 Identified (plus more to come)

At least three, possibly four, Primetime songs have been identified today.  The first of these, "Like the Wind," is the '70s-esque track from that forgettable Falcons/Lions clip from 1988.  This track has a relatively famous composer, though.  Walter Murphy, the writer of Like the Wind, is best known for composing (technically rearranging) the Billboard #1 disco hit "A Fifth of Beethoven" in 1976.  Murphy is also the primary composer for most all of Seth MacFarlane's TV & Movie properties (Family Guy, Ted, etc.).  The original Valentino LP that contains Like the Wind isn't available online AFAIK, but—just like The Far Turn & Fast Man–the song made its way onto one of those 2009 Valentino compilation albums.


Special thanks to GodzFire for ID'ing US #6 and the other songs that I will update in the next few days.  GodzFire has been cleaning up the audio on some of the Primetime clips so the tracks can be heard better.  He uploaded those audio clips to youtube today, and that caused a few of them to be copyright flagged—not very helpful for generating ad revenue (for those people that can still do that on youtube), but extremely helpful for identifying songs.  You can check out his work here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Streaming Site for FirstCom Action Albums

A couple months ago, I had an email conversation with a person named "AntiMTVMovement" who gave me a link to a Japanese streaming site with most all of the FirstCom Action (A-Series) albums that are missing from the more well-known library sites.  I'm not totally sure this site is copyright kosher, but it at least seems better than that defunct musiqneed site I mentioned a few years ago on my Hit Drive post.  I added links to all the FC-A tracks on this site as well on my youtube posts.  Unfortunately, this streaming service does not seem to have the Up Tempo (UT series) albums that several other NFL Primetime songs come from.

Nichion Link

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Theighs Mon Now on YouTube

I still don't know when John Colby will post Theighs Mon on his site, but here's the youtube link:

*EDIT* - Link taken down.  Others have posted it on youtube, though, so all you have to do is search it.