Sunday, February 26, 2023

Unknown Song #57 Identified

Jwasc92Wrestling is now 7/7 on identifying New Primetime tracks.  US #57 is "Combat," by Devin Bronson.  Bronson is a guitar player who toured with acts like Kelly Osbourne and The Goo Goo Dolls a while back.  His website doesn't look like it's been updated in several years, though.  Combat is found on the album Throttled from the Slam! label.  I couldn't find info on the Slam! label, unfortunately.  Universal's website houses it, but it's not listed on Discogs as far as I can find.  Again, thanks to Jwasc92Wrestling for ID'ing this one.


Thursday, February 9, 2023

Unknown Song #57 (New Primetime) - Combat

Song - Combat
Artist(s) -
Devin Bronson
Released - 2013
Primetime Usage - 2020 (non-highlight)
Contained on - SLAM077 (Throttled)
Featured Highlight - "Pressuring Mahomes" Segment, Super Bowl LV


Now we're into the weeds of obscurity.  Unknown Song #57 was only used for one non-highlight piece during the Super Bowl LV broadcast of NFL Primetime.  During this segment, Steve Young & Anthony "Booger" McFarland (the COVID-era replacement for Tom Jackson) discuss how Tampa Bay's defensive front dominated Kansas City's offensive line and made life miserable for Patrick Mahomes.  The included game clips are accompanied by US #57, a loud, industrial track that sounds like it should be in a factory-shootout scene from a modern action movie.  The song isn't especially pleasant or melodic, but it actually works well for this segment.  It's also easy to hear, which is unfortunately not the case for some of the non-highlight tracks from the last couple seasons of Primetime.  If you can identify US #57, don't hesitate to comment here or on YouTube.