Friday, December 28, 2018

Unknown Song #48 - Highlights

Song - Highlights
Artist(s) - Joel Beckerman & Lloyd Landesman
Released - N.A. (recorded in 2001)
Primetime Usage - 2001-05
Contained on - N.A. (ESPN internal)  
Featured Highlight - Falcons @ Steelers, 2002


The most upbeat & energetic of the post-millennium NFL Primetime additions, Unknown Song #48 is one of the best tracks from the show yet to be identified.  It, just like the two songs that will follow this one, was used nearly every week from October, 2001 on.  Being a fun song, it generally accompanied games that were themselves fun & usually high scoring.  Speaking of high scoring, the video to go along with US #48 features the third-highest-scoring tie game since regular-season overtime was implemented in 1974.  One does not generally associate tie games with excitement, but this Falcons/Steelers classic was a definite exception.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Unknown Song #43 Identified

A few days ago, three separate sources pointed out Unknown Song #43 for me at more or less the same time (José Teixeira on youtube, Craig-UK/Craig L on this site, & another guy I've been having private email correspondence with).  US #43 is "Hard Attack," by Fabien Chevallier, Christian Poulet, and Jean-Yves Rigo.  It's the first Primetime track I've encountered on the Kosinus Label, which—as you can probably guess from the artists' names—is a French production-music company.  I can't find much info on said artists, but I did notice that Poulet & Rigo are usually credited together.  Unfortunately, the album—KOS 24 (Metal Warrior)—is one of only a few Kosinus albums to be missing from the online streaming services.  You can find Hard Attack if you search "WCW Ultimo Dragon 1st Theme" on youtube, however.

*EDIT* - After finding an eBay listing for Metal Warrior, I found that only Poulet & Chevallier are credited for Hard Attack and not Rigo.


Friday, December 7, 2018

Unknown Song #47 - Touch & Go

Song - Touch & Go
Artist(s) - Colin Willsher
Released - 1999
Primetime Usage - 2001-05
Featured Highlight - Vikings @ Cardinals, 2003


Unknown Song #47 is the last of the moody & ambient NFL Primetime songs.  It was also the only new track from the beginning of 2001 to last beyond September of that year.  US #47 certainly isn't a memorable piece, but it at least accomplishes its goal of being, well, moody & ambient.  The accompanying highlight is probably the most famous game to use this song.  The Minnesota Vikings, in the midst of a freefall after starting 6-0, completed their collapse with a bizarrely improbable loss in the desert.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Scheduling Update (II)

As far as I can tell, I only have 4 unknown songs left to post (5 if you count one that got copyright blocked by the NFL a while back).  As a result, I'm going to spread out the posting schedule and just post every 2 or 3 weeks for the rest of the NFL season.  This doesn't count posts noting when songs are identified, of course.  Thanks for reading this blog, and—as always—don't hesitate to comment if you can ID a song, know of a missing unknown song, or even if you just want to comment on NFL Primetime music.