Friday, April 15, 2022

Non-Highlight Tracks - The News Triplets

Song 1 - Action News
Artist(s) - Jean-Yves Rigo
Released - 1998
Primetime Usage - 1999-2000
Featured Highlight - Wild Card Preview:  Week 17, 1999

Song 2 - Very News
Artist(s) - Jean-Yves Rigo
Released - 1998
Primetime Usage - 1999-04
Contained on - Kosinus KOS 47 (Very News)
Featured Highlight -
Sunday Wild Card Preview:  Wild Card Saturday, 1999

Song 3 - Network News
Artist(s) - Christian Poulet
Released - 1998
Primetime Usage - 2000
Contained on - Kosinus KOS 47 (Very News - original album release only)
Featured Highlight - Inside the Numbers:  Wild Card Saturday, 2000

In addition to Industrial News, there were three other "News" tracks from the same Kosinus album to get non-highlight duty on NFL Primetime.  "Action News" & "Very News," both by Jean-Yves Rigo, were disproportionately used in playoff episodes and, more specifically, for playoff matchup/game-time previews.  "Network News," on the other hand, was only used one time that I'm aware of:  the secondary Inside the Numbers segment that followed the Saints/Rams Wild Card Game in 2000 (NO's first-ever playoff win).  It's a weaker song than the other "News" tracks, though, so that was no big loss.

With four songs used on the show, that puts the album Very News in a tie for second for most Primetime tracks along with David Reilly's Success album from Bruton (Sonoton's Automotion 3 has five).  Action News & Very News are currently available on APM's streaming service (linked above).  Unfortunately, Network News is by Christian Poulet and has therefore been purged from streaming for whatever reason (just as with Industrial News).

Special thanks to Dopethrone for pointing Action News out to me, and to Tom Bombadil for posting the playoff episodes on YouTube that contain the Very News & Network News clips.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Good Morning America! Now Streamable Redux

The old Bruton album Good Morning America!, which wasn't streamable at all until 2020, is now available at two locations.  Universal's website has been digitizing a lot of the old Bruton LPs through their Usample service, so you can now find it there.  It's still hosted on, too.  The N.Y. Giants & Spearhead posts have been updated to add the new source.  Special thanks to Godzfire for noticing this.


Saturday, February 12, 2022

Unknown Song #24 Identified

Unknown Song #24, one of the few remaining unknown songs not from 1988, has now been identified.  It's the underscore version of the song "Take Care," by Rolf Wehmeier.  It was originally released on the Happy Records LP "Multimedia 2002" (HR2257) in 1987, then later added to the CD "Multi Media" (HR2264-3) in 1988.  The latter album is contained on Ring Musik's website.  Wehmeier did a decent amount of production music work, most of it for Happy Records & Golden Ring Records (both controlled by Ring Musik) according to Discogs.  Special thanks to Godzfire, Craig-UK, and mitin for getting this one ID'd.

As an aside, I'm not really sure why John Colby (he was still the ESPN music director in 1991) went with the underscore here.  The main track for Take Care has a nice guitar part, and the underscore feels aimless at times without it.  This isn't like Race to Midnight where the underscore was the superior version (RtM's synth trumpet is cheesy & low quality).


Friday, February 4, 2022

Unknown Song #35 Identified

Unknown Song #35, another Oddball Week entry, is now ID'd as "Mega Scape," by John Andrew Hancock.  I couldn't find any information at all about Hancock, but the song is contained within the Moments Music library housed on the Spirit Production Music site.  Special thanks to Godzfire for cleaning up the Primetime clip audio and triggering YouTube's copyright sensors.

Only one of the seven Oddball Week tracks remains unidentified…


Friday, January 14, 2022

Non-Highlight Track - Internet

Song - Internet
Artist(s) - Jimmy Kaleth
Released - 1996
Primetime Usage -
2001 (miscellaneous), 2002-05 (TJ's Extra Point)
Contained on - Dennis Music HDCD 1255 (Communicator)*
Featured Highlight - TJ's Extra Point:  Week 1, 2003 (Patriots @ Bills)

* - Search for the album "Communicator"

In the latter years of classic NFL Primetime, ESPN added even more emphasis to Tom Jackson's sage analysis by adding a weekly segment called "TJ's Extra Point."  In this segment, Jackson would get video & music accompaniment to his usual postgame commentary.  This was actually pretty similar to the end-episode analysis that was typical of NFL Primetime in the late '80s (most often with Pete Axthelm).  For most every TJ's Extra Point bit, the included song was "Internet" by Jimmy Kaleth.  Internet definitely feels like a neutral, summary, "Inside the Numbers" kind of track, so it was an appropriate choice by the producers.  I couldn't find much info on Kaleth, but he did a good amount of work for various library-music companies.  The included clip is the TJ's Extra Point segment from Week 1 of 2003 that followed the Bills' 31-0 pasting of the New England Patriots, the infamous "Lawyer Milloy" game.  This was the last Buffalo win over New England until 2011.

Special thanks to Dopethrone (nirvanainstrumental on YouTube) for identifying this one and for pointing out that it was used for other non-highlight purposes in 2001 (the year before TJ's Extra Point started).