Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Streaming Site for FirstCom Action Albums

A couple months ago, I had an email conversation with a person named "AntiMTVMovement" who gave me a link to a Japanese streaming site with most all of the FirstCom Action (A-Series) albums that are missing from the more well-known library sites.  I'm not totally sure this site is copyright kosher, but it at least seems better than that defunct musiqneed site I mentioned a few years ago on my Hit Drive post.  I added links to all the FC-A tracks on this site as well on my youtube posts.  Unfortunately, this streaming service does not seem to have the Up Tempo (UT series) albums that several other NFL Primetime songs come from.

Nichion Link

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  1. A quick inspect element proves that this is just rehosting musiqneed's stuff, still cool that the FirstCom Action series is streamable in decent audio quality.