Friday, December 1, 2023

Non-Highlight Track (New Primetime) - Tracking Heat

Song - Tracking Heat
Artist(s) - Daniel Holter, Rex Carroll
Released - 2001
Primetime Usage - 2021
Contained on -
Velocity VL017Q (Metal v2)
Featured Highlight - "Largest Conf Champ Comeback Wins" Segment, 2021

Here, as promised last week, is the last unique non-highlight track from the 2021 Conference Championship episode of NFL Primetime.  It accompanies a graphic showing the largest deficits overcome in conference-championship history (the 2021 Bengals tied the 18-point record set by the 2006 Colts), as well as a couple clips from the Cincinnati bar celebrations that occurred when the AFC Championship ended.  The song is "Tracking Heat," by Daniel Holter & Rex Carroll.  Holter is a producer who has composed/co-composed many songs that have shown up on TV, while Carroll is a songwriter who got his start as the lead guitar player & co-founder of the Christian metal group Whitecross in the 1980s.  Tracking Heat is found on the Velocity production-music album Metal v2.

Again, special thanks to Godzfire for ID'ing this one.