Saturday, February 12, 2022

Unknown Song #24 Identified

Unknown Song #24, one of the few remaining unknown songs not from 1988, has now been identified.  It's the underscore version of the song "Take Care," by Rolf Wehmeier.  It was originally released on the Happy Records LP "Multimedia 2002" (HR2257) in 1987, then later added to the CD "Multi Media" (HR2264-3) in 1988.  The latter album is contained on Ring Musik's website.  Wehmeier did a decent amount of production music work, most of it for Happy Records & Golden Ring Records (both controlled by Ring Musik) according to Discogs.  Special thanks to Godzfire, Craig-UK, and mitin for getting this one ID'd.

As an aside, I'm not really sure why John Colby (he was still the ESPN music director in 1991) went with the underscore here.  The main track for Take Care has a nice guitar part, and the underscore feels aimless at times without it.  This isn't like Race to Midnight where the underscore was the superior version (RtM's synth trumpet is cheesy & low quality).


Friday, February 4, 2022

Unknown Song #35 Identified

Unknown Song #35, another Oddball Week entry, is now ID'd as "Mega Scape," by John Andrew Hancock.  I couldn't find any information at all about Hancock, but the song is contained within the Moments Music library housed on the Spirit Production Music site.  Special thanks to Godzfire for cleaning up the Primetime clip audio and triggering YouTube's copyright sensors.

Only one of the seven Oddball Week tracks remains unidentified…