Friday, January 14, 2022

Non-Highlight Track - Internet

Song - Internet
Artist(s) - Jimmy Kaleth
Released - 1996
Primetime Usage -
2001 (miscellaneous), 2002-05 (TJ's Extra Point)
Contained on - Dennis Music HDCD 1255 (Communicator)*
Featured Highlight - TJ's Extra Point:  Week 1, 2003 (Patriots @ Bills)

* - Search for the album "Communicator"

In the latter years of classic NFL Primetime, ESPN added even more emphasis to Tom Jackson's sage analysis by adding a weekly segment called "TJ's Extra Point."  In this segment, Jackson would get video & music accompaniment to his usual postgame commentary.  This was actually pretty similar to the end-episode analysis that was typical of NFL Primetime in the late '80s (most often with Pete Axthelm).  For most every TJ's Extra Point bit, the included song was "Internet" by Jimmy Kaleth.  Internet definitely feels like a neutral, summary, "Inside the Numbers" kind of track, so it was an appropriate choice by the producers.  I couldn't find much info on Kaleth, but he did a good amount of work for various library-music companies.  The included clip is the TJ's Extra Point segment from Week 1 of 2003 that followed the Bills' 31-0 pasting of the New England Patriots, the infamous "Lawyer Milloy" game.  This was the last Buffalo win over New England until 2011.

Special thanks to Dopethrone (nirvanainstrumental on YouTube) for identifying this one and for pointing out that it was used for other non-highlight purposes in 2001 (the year before TJ's Extra Point started).