Sunday, October 6, 2019

US #27 & US #28 Update

The artists on "Determination" are Andrew Mark & Chris Michael Zurzolo, while the composers of "Racing to Victory" are Mandy & Daniel Schleifer.  The linked posts have been updated to reflect these name updates.  Thanks again to Craig-UK for the info.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Unknown Song #27 Identified

There are actually two Primetime songs on pyr 702.  In addition to Determination, there's also "Racing to Victory"—a.k.a. Unknown Song #27.  It's not the best Primetime song by any stretch, but it least it's identified.  I again can't find the first names of the artists, but they both have the same last name this time (M. Schleifer & D. Schleifer).  Thanks to Craig-UK for pointing this track out.


Thursday, October 3, 2019

Unknown Song #28 Identified

As I mentioned in the last post, US #28 was identified on the Library Music Themes board back in August.  The song's name is "Determination," and it's contained on disc 702 of the Pyramid library.  I couldn't really find any info on the Pyramid library or even the first names of the artists (C. Michaels & A. Mark) who composed Determination.  If anyone knows more about Pyramid or the composers, please comment on this blog or on youtube.  Oh, and special thanks to Retromatic on the LMT board for finding this one.


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Administrative Upkeep

I went back through all my posts and updated all the outdated music-library links both on this blog and on youtube, so they should all work now.

Also… a poster named Retromatic identified Unknown Song #28 on librarymusicthemes last month, so expect an update on that soon (hopefully tomorrow).  I should really check that board more often…

Monday, May 20, 2019

Non-Highlight Track - Industrial News

Song - Industrial News
Artist(s) - Christian Poulet
Released - 1998
Primetime Usage - 1998-03 (Inside the Numbers/Miscellaneous)
Contained on - KOS 47 (Very News - original album release only), YouTube Link
Featured Highlight - N.A.

Contrary to my recollection, "Industrial News" wasn't actually used on NFL Primetime all that much.  It was never the primary Inside the Numbers theme, and it was mostly placed in episodes with multiple ItN segments.  As a result, the song was disproportionately used during the show's playoff broadcasts.  It was also occasionally used for the other things, such as the 1998 playoff preview shown in the second half of my accompanying clip.

Industrial News comes from the Kosinus album, Very News.  Unfortunately, this track was replaced on the retouched, streamable version of the album contained on various library-music websites, so finding a hard copy rip somewhere (or just a hard copy) is probably your only option.  It seems everything involving Christian Poulet has been purged from those websites for whatever reason.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Unknown Song #42 Identified

Chalk up another one for the Copyright Nazis.  US #42 is "Liberation Day," by Paul Foss, which is contained on ATMOS 111 (Impact).  It's a little odd that the copyright claim didn't come until more than 6 months after the video was posted.  Oh well, at least it's identified…


I've also found a couple non-highlight tracks, so look for posts about those in the near future.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Unknown Song #32 Identified

Two down, five to go as far as Oddball Week is concerned.  The oboe-rich US #32 has been identified as Neo Dream (b), or as Neo Dream (Partie Rhyhmique) to be more precise.  It's contained on Kosinus 34 (Virtual Nature).  That album is streamable on both APM & Universal's production-music sites, but this particular song has been removed from the streamable version.  It seems that everything involving Christian Poulet has been scrubbed from the online edition of the Kosinus library, and perhaps other libraries.  Special thanks to Retronator on for identifying this track, and additional thanks to GodzFire for starting the thread on there that got this track ID'd.  Hopefully this won't be the last song to be ID'd there.


Friday, February 1, 2019

Unknown Song #50 - Legends

Song - Legends
Artist(s) - Joel Beckerman & Lloyd Landesman
Released - N.A. (recorded in 2001)
Primetime Usage - 2001-05
Contained on - N.A. (ESPN internal)  
Featured Highlight - Saints @ Raiders, 2004


Here it is, the last of the mid-2001 trio of new NFL Primetime songs and the last (AFAIK) new Primetime song period.  Unknown Song #50, which I've seen called "Legends" in some of the mp3 sets over the years, is similar in tone to Bad Company.  It's more funk-like and less orchestral than Bad Company, but it still fits games & teams with a dark & grinding theme.  Going through the highlights, it seemed to get used for most every Dick LeBeau/Corey Dillon Bengals game in 2002 and for a lot of Raiders games in 2004.  This song really is perfect for the Oakland Raiders and their historical reputation, so I used one of those '04 Raiders games as the highlight for this post.

There's only one Unknown Song that I'm aware of that hasn't been posted yet.  I tried to post it back in 2017, but the video was blocked by the NFL and I had no other clips with that piece.  My last few video posts have been copyright tagged by the NFL without being blocked, however, so I'll probably try to upload that one again in March sometime.  After that… I'm not sure.  I'll note whenever a song gets identified, of course (so keep checking the blog), and maybe somebody will upload some 1987-88 NFL Primetime episodes someday so I can see if there are any other Primetime tracks I'm unaware of.  At any rate… thanks to everyone who's been reading this blog so far!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Info Updates

I've updated a few previously posted songs with some newly obtained info.  Thanks to Craig-UK for all of this.

- Wheels in Motion is contained on a production-music album, after all.  It's on MPM001 from Manhattan music, which was released in 1987. I left the youtube link for those that find it more convenient, however.

- The Far Turn & Fast Man, in addition to being on two separate Valentino compilation albums, were originally on the same Valentino Album (V-CD 13 - Sports Themes). This album isn't online that I can find, but the previously posted compilation albums still are.  However, the Valentino library apparently isn't hosted on Universal anymore so I had to change the links to their BMG source instead.

- The Right Stuff was originally contained on EA 2015 (Broadcast) from the Emil Ascher library.  This library isn't online, AFAIK, but this info at least provides a release date for this song (1984).  I'm not sure if the alt mix is on this album, however (*EDIT* - the alt mix isn't on the EA album, but the regular version is virtually identical—thanks to Craig-UK again).

Friday, January 18, 2019

Unknown Song #49 - Pro

Song - Pro
Artist(s) - Joel Beckerman & Lloyd Landesman
Released - N.A. (recorded in 2001)
Primetime Usage - 2001-05
Contained on - N.A. (ESPN internal)  
Featured Highlight - Cardinals @ Lions, 2003


Among the three mid-2001 additions, Unknown Song #49 is probably the weakest.  It's still better than most of the tracks that didn't last, though.  It also—unlike US #48 or the one I'll be posting next during Super Bowl week—doesn't appear to have been used in 2002 for some reason.  Anyway…  accompanying US #49 is the Cardinals/Lions season opener from 2003 where Anquan Boldin set the rookie debut receiving record.  Enjoy!

Oh, as an aside, it sounds like Chris Berman & Tom Jackson will be returning to host NFL Primetime for the conference-title games this weekend.  That's pretty cool…

*EDIT* - This song was used a couple times in 2002 (thanks to Robert Enriquez on youtube for the info).

Monday, January 7, 2019


I've added some Adsense ads onto this site.  I don't think they're too much of an eyesore.