Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Six More 1988 Tracks Identified

Shortly after Musikos Sports 2 was put up online, a hard copy of Musikos Sports 1 was located.  Sports 1 contains all six of the remaining 1988 Unknown Songs that I've previously posted about (there's another still-unidentified one that I wasn't able to post because of a copyright block).  That sets a new record for number of NFL Primetime songs from the same album, surpassing the five tracks housed on Sonoton SCD 16 (Automotion 3).  Here's the list:

US #8 - At the Buzzer
US #9 - Peak Performance
US #10 - Break Away
US #13 - Grand Prix
US #14 - Going for the Gold
US #17 - Power Play

As mentioned on my previous posts about Musikos, the artists for these songs aren't exactly known.  It's probably safe to say that Power Play was written by William Soden since it's so similar to his NFL Music Library track titled "Pedal to the Metal."  The other five could be Soden, they could be Neal Davenport, or they could be someone else.

Special to thanks to Godzfire for discovering that Sports 1 was housed at the library of Slippery Rock University, and to Josh Ochs for actually picking it up.

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