Friday, October 27, 2017

Unknown Song #9 - Peak Performance

Song - Peak Performance
Artist(s) - William Soden (likely)
Released - No later than 1988
Primetime Usage - 1988
Contained on - Musikos MS1 (Sports 1)
Featured Highlight - Colts @ Bills, 1988


Unknown Song #9 is even more repetitive than #8.  It sets a similar mood to Communique, but has more of an energetic, "cool rock" feel.  This Colts/Bills highlight is the only one to use this track that I'm aware of.

*NOTE* - Unknown Song #9 is the first song on this highlight.  The clip switches to Unknown Song #8 near the end.


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  2. For a slightly clearer version, in hopes that it might help identify this unknown track, this was also used in regular season rebound segment in LA Lakers 1987 NBA film "Drive For Five", preceded by Sam Spence - Flight To Freedom (NFL 118).

  3. I'm leaning towards Match Music Library on this one. Possibly "Steam Engines" by Steve Martin.

    1. I just found your thread on librarymusicthemes. Hopefully someone will post MAT 007 soon. I couldn't find anything from that album through google. There is a MAT007 on, but it's some album from 2005 called "The Rock Zone."