Thursday, May 25, 2023

Unknown Song #58 (New Primetime) - Here We Go

Song - Here We Go
Artist(s) - Jeff Coates, Billy Handsome
Released - 2005
Primetime Usage - 2021
Contained on -
West One Music WOM 059 (Free-Running)
Featured Highlight - Keyshawn Johnson NFC Championship Analysis, 2021

*SONG IDENTIFIED* - 11/10/23

Unknown Song #58 is a one-off piece used for a highlight clip that accompanied Keyshawn Johnson's analysis of the Rams/49ers NFC Championship game from 2021.  It sounds like a generic & repetitive grunge-guitar track, so it's probably no loss that the highlight clip is only 20 seconds long.  Anyway, this is the last Unknown Song post I can make at the moment.  The only unknown stuff that I haven't posted are non-highlight songs from 2022, but nobody (to my knowledge) has posted 2022 episodes of NFL Primetime online anywhere so I can't cut any videos from them.  There are at least a few more known songs that I haven't posted yet, however, so stay tuned for those.

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