Tuesday, May 16, 2023

NFL Primetime Music - Supercharged

Song - Supercharged
Artist(s) -
Derek Austin
Released - 1988
Primetime Usage - 1988
Contained on - Amphonic AVF64CD (Hit the Heights)
Featured Highlight - 49ers @ Saints, 1988 (audio-only)

Early in the Unknown Song run in 2017, I tried to post the first NFL Primetime highlight of 1988 because it used a then-new track that I hadn't identified.  The game featured San Francisco and New Orleans, the two best regular-season teams from 1987 (both were upset by the 8-7 Vikings in the playoffs), in a tight and entertaining contest.  Unfortunately, the NFL copyright blocked the entire video when I had no other clips with the song.  As a result, the song from this video was unofficially known among the Primetime Music community as either "Unknown Song #0" or "Unknown Song A."  Thanks to Godzfire's use of an Audio Fingerprinting program, we now know the song is "Supercharged" by Derek Austin.  It's housed on an Amphonic library album that is hosted by Nichion in the above link.

The NFL is still blocking the video, so I had to go audio-only with this one.  I guess I could've done that back then, but I was holding out hope the copyright block would expire or something.  Anyway, special thanks also goes to Godzfire for cleaning up the sound and making it louder.

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