Friday, April 15, 2022

Non-Highlight Tracks - The News Triplets

Song 1 - Action News
Artist(s) - Jean-Yves Rigo
Released - 1998
Primetime Usage - 1999-2000
Featured Highlight - Wild Card Preview:  Week 17, 1999

Song 2 - Very News
Artist(s) - Jean-Yves Rigo
Released - 1998
Primetime Usage - 1999-04
Contained on - Kosinus KOS 47 (Very News)
Featured Highlight -
Sunday Wild Card Preview:  Wild Card Saturday, 1999

Song 3 - Network News
Artist(s) - Christian Poulet
Released - 1998
Primetime Usage - 2000
Contained on - Kosinus KOS 47 (Very News - original album release only)
Featured Highlight - Inside the Numbers:  Wild Card Saturday, 2000

In addition to Industrial News, there were three other "News" tracks from the same Kosinus album to get non-highlight duty on NFL Primetime.  "Action News" & "Very News," both by Jean-Yves Rigo, were disproportionately used in playoff episodes and, more specifically, for playoff matchup/game-time previews.  "Network News," on the other hand, was only used one time that I'm aware of:  the secondary Inside the Numbers segment that followed the Saints/Rams Wild Card Game in 2000 (NO's first-ever playoff win).  It's a weaker song than the other "News" tracks, though, so that was no big loss.

With four songs used on the show, that puts the album Very News in a tie for second for most Primetime tracks along with David Reilly's Success album from Bruton (Sonoton's Automotion 3 has five).  Action News & Very News are currently available on APM's streaming service (linked above).  Unfortunately, Network News is by Christian Poulet and has therefore been purged from streaming for whatever reason (just as with Industrial News).

Special thanks to Dopethrone for pointing Action News out to me, and to Tom Bombadil for posting the playoff episodes on YouTube that contain the Very News & Network News clips.

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