Friday, July 8, 2022

Unknown Song #53 (New Primetime) - Blow the Stack

Song - Blow the Stack
Artist(s) - Tom Caffey, Eric Cunningham, Chris Lang
Released - 2005
Primetime Usage - 2019-20
Featured Highlight - Bears @ Packers, 2020 (SNF)

*SONG IDENTIFIED* - 10/10/22
There's not much to say about Unknown Song #53.  It's an orchestral song that conveys intensity with its high-pitched strings and loud long notes.  It conveys this intensity in basic, rudimentary fashion, however—there's no subtlety here.  To put it another way, US #53 is a forgettable equivalent to International Statement.

I had two available highlights to choose from here.  The Steelers/49ers game from the same NFL Primetime episode as US #51 and US #52, and the Bears/Packers Sunday Night Football game from 2020.  The first surely would've required another audio-only post, so I tried the second.  Fortunately, the Bears/Packers clip was only flagged by the NFL and not blocked, so my channel now has New Primetime video content for the first time.

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