Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Unknown Songs #55 and #56 Identified

For the first time, New Primetime music exclusives have been identified.  A helpful YouTuber who posts a lot of production music used in pro wrestling, Jwasc92Wrestling, has identified both Unknown Song #55 and Unknown Song #56.  US #55 is "Superior Strength," by Kavin Hoo.  Hoo is a Malaysian composer described on Discogs as a "new age pianist and composer" and is also the founder of Earthtones Studio.  US #56 is "Field of Courage," by Ron Klein & Udi Harpaz.  I couldn't find much info on Klein, but Harpaz is a longtime composer with his own website.  Harpaz also did the music for seasons 2 & 3 of Airwolf back in the '80s.  Both songs are contained on albums from the EVO production-music label.  Superior Strength is on EVO209, while Field of Courage is on EVO062.

LINK - Superior Strength
LINK - Field of Courage

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