Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Info Updates

I've updated a few previously posted songs with some newly obtained info.  Thanks to Craig-UK for all of this.

- Wheels in Motion is contained on a production-music album, after all.  It's on MPM001 from Manhattan music, which was released in 1987. I left the youtube link for those that find it more convenient, however.

- The Far Turn & Fast Man, in addition to being on two separate Valentino compilation albums, were originally on the same Valentino Album (V-CD 13 - Sports Themes). This album isn't online that I can find, but the previously posted compilation albums still are.  However, the Valentino library apparently isn't hosted on Universal anymore so I had to change the links to their BMG source instead.

- The Right Stuff was originally contained on EA 2015 (Broadcast) from the Emil Ascher library.  This library isn't online, AFAIK, but this info at least provides a release date for this song (1984).  I'm not sure if the alt mix is on this album, however (*EDIT* - the alt mix isn't on the EA album, but the regular version is virtually identical—thanks to Craig-UK again).

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