Monday, April 30, 2018

Unknown Song #28 - Determination

Song - Determination
Artist(s) - Chris Zurzolo, Andrew Mark
Released - 1993
Primetime Usage - 1994-96
Contained on - pyr 702 (Sports/Action), (YouTube Link)
Featured Highlight - Patriots @ Jets, 1996

*SONG IDENTIFIED* - 10/3/19 

There isn't much complexity to Unknown Song #28, but it's still a better highlight track than the last couple songs I've posted.  US #28 does the basics well, as some hard edge and a driving rock beat are enough to make any NFL Primetime track at least passable.  It's lack of direction & melody means it doesn't really do anything beyond that, though.  Still, the track is a good accent for any high-energy football game.

I listed US #28 as being used from 1994-96, but I've only seen one instance of it being used outside of 1996 (Week 11, 1994).  That also means I'm not certain it was actually used in 1995 (*EDIT* - a comment by Kyle Caughlin on youtube indicates it was used at least a couple times in '95).  At any rate, here's a 1996 highlight of Rich Kotite's hard-luck Jets getting robbed late against Drew Bledsoe & the Patriots.

*EDIT* - The BMG website isn't hosting the Pyramid music label anymore, so I replaced that link with Craig-UK's youtube post of this song.  Special thanks to him for specifically putting that song up for this purpose.

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