Monday, November 26, 2018

Polinsky List

A reader emailed me requesting that I make it more clear how my song posts fit in with the Mark Polinsky mp3/youtube postings of NFL Primetime music.  For those not familiar, the Mark Polinsky set is the most prominent of the "mp3 sets floating around the web" I've referenced multiple times on this site.  Polinsky's posts—instead of being named—have each song numbered, so here's a guide to which Polinsky numbers link to which songs.  I haven't posted anything about a few of these yet, so I'll update this post whenever I do add an entry about one of them.

03 - Gladiator
06 - Legends
07 - Eric D.
08 - Pro
09 - Arnold
10 - Grid Lock
11 - The Event
12 - Roadhog
15 - Crush
19 - 1994-97 NFL Primetime title theme
20 - Showdown

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