Friday, November 2, 2018

Unknown Song #43 - Hard Attack

Song - Hard Attack
Artist(s) - Christian Poulet, Fabien Chevallier
Released - 1995
Primetime Usage - 2001
Contained on - KOS 24 (Metal Warrior) (YouTube Link)
Featured Highlight - Redskins @ Chargers, 2001

*SONG IDENTIFIED* - 12/23/18

As with many of the one-off (*EDIT* - this song was also used for the Cardinals/Panthers game in Week 16 of '01—thanks to Kyle Caughlin for that info.) tracks on NFL Primetime, it's not surprising Unknown Song #43 didn't stick around.  I actually didn't know this song even existed until I was in the middle of cutting US #42 last week (it's the very next highlight, so I again apologize for the low video quality).  It's not a memorable or interesting piece, and it only accompanied an uncompelling game—the only interesting thing about the game is that it was the first of LaDainian Tomlinson's career.


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  2. This track is titled "Hard Attack" from Kosinus KOS24 - Metal Warrior. Which I hope opens a new avenue for a library to search for you as I cannot see any other Kosinus ID'ed before on here.

    1. This is Craig-UK, right? I just wanted to make sure I credited you correctly on my "Unknown Song #43 Identified" post. José Teixeira also said you ID'd this one in his youtube comment.

    2. Hiya, yeah I normally go by Craig-UK. Glad he mentioned it and I assume Dan did also.

    3. Yeah, Dan told me "a friend" found the track. Good job identifying it.