Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Unknown Song #36 (Oddball Week, Part 6) - Classical Interface

Song - Classical Interface
Artist(s) - Darryl Way
Released - 1991
Primetime Usage - 1997
Contained on - Rouge RMCD 2012 (Classical Rock)
Featured Highlight - Jaguars @ Ravens, 1997


It's now time for the penultimate edition of Oddball Week.  Unknown Song #36, though not great, is still a big improvement over the last two.  As Kyle Caughlin pointed out on youtube, it's got a bit of a salsa flare to it.  That, plus the piano, makes it sound like Latin-infused early-'90s dance-club stuff.  The accompanying game highlight features the Jacksonville Jaguars, fresh off a surprising AFC Championship appearance, playing at the Baltimore Ravens and their "Flying B" helmets.

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