Friday, September 14, 2018

Unknown Song #37 (Oddball Week, Part 7) - Pacemaker

Song - Pacemaker
Artist(s) - Alan Hawkshaw
Released - 1987
Primetime Usage - 1997
Contained on - MusicHouse E1 (Hi-Band)
Featured Highlight - Chiefs @ Broncos, 1997


The Oddball Week finale is thankfully here.  Unknown Song #37 is a song I swear I've heard before when browsing production-music albums a few years ago.  When I went back through some stuff after first seeing this NFL Primetime episode, however, I couldn't find it.  Hopefully one of you readers (or youtube viewers) will recognize it and can identify it.  Anyway… US #37's accompanying clip has the Chiefs heading to Marty Schottenheimer's "House of Horrors," Mile High Stadium.  Kansas City would lose this one, but they would at least get the second laugh by winning the division anyway.  Denver, of course, would get the third & final laugh by upsetting KC in the Divisionals and winning their first Super Bowl title a few weeks later.


  1. Alan Hawkshaw - Pacemaker (1) - from Music House library. Album MHE1.

  2. Thanks! I was right that I'd heard it before, but I figured it was a '90s song and not an '80s song.