Friday, September 22, 2017

Unknown Songs #2 & #3 Identified

Thanks to the magic of overzealous youtube copyright claims, I have now identified the unknown songs I posted last week & the week before.  I'd actually expected this to happen at some point for an unidentified track, but I didn't think it would happen this fast.  More surprising was who the songwriter turned out to be, however…

The copyright claim info for Unknown Song #2 listed an album code of "VT013" and "The Far Turn."  It took me a while to find the source because the real album code was actually "STVT013."  Anyway, that code was for the portion of the Valentino library that's contained on Universal's website and the "1980s Vol. 2" album.  After scrolling down to find the right song, it turned out the artist was none other than John Colby!  So Colby did in fact produce more NFL Primetime songs than just those listed on his website.  Searching Colby's credits led me to Unknown Song #3 ("Fast Man"), as well.  It was not on the same album as I figured it would be, but it was on the related "1980s Vol. 1" disc.  Unfortunately, the entire Universal website only contains about 20 songs credited to Colby.  I also suspect the "1980s" albums are compilations and not the original sources of Colby's tracks because they both have release dates in 2014.  I don't know the identity of the original source library, though I do suspect it's related to Valentino (I suspect it's Major Records, just because some random library-music forum has a list crediting albums on there to Colby).  I wouldn't be surprised if there's more John Colby NFL Primetime stuff out there yet to be found.

Revised Links

The Far Turn
Fast Man

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