Thursday, September 21, 2017

Unknown Song #4 - Showcase

Song - Showcase
Artist(s) - William Soden
Released - 1985
Primetime Usage - 1987-88
Contained on - NFL 128 (LP) (Major Force)
Featured Highlight - Oilers @ Colts, 1988


Unknown Song #4, the last song from NFL Primetime's first year (AFAIK) that I haven't posted, is a mixed bag.  It has good energy, but some of the high-pitched instrument choices really don't fit football highlights.  It's still a decent track, though, and I hope to find a good-quality cut of it at some point.

Unfortunately, the highlight choices I had all were from episodes that were uploaded with all the sound coming through only the left audio channel.  I converted it to mono, but that means the volume isn't too high.  The sound & video on this particular clip are also out of synch, but it's only noticeable on the part where you can see Chris Berman talking.  Anyway, I think you'll still find this video enjoyable.

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