Friday, September 29, 2017

Unknown Song #5 - The Heat (Birdland?)

Song - The Heat
Artist(s) - Richard Myhill
Released - 1985
Primetime Usage - 1988
Contained on - KPMLP 1339 (Out Front)
Featured Highlight - Seahawks @ Broncos, 1988

 *SONG IDENTIFIED* - 10/2/17

At this point, the 1988 NFL Primetime season has easily the highest number of unidentified songs.  Unfortunately, I only have one clip of many of these songs.  As a result, combined with the fact the highlights are relatively old, the audio/visual quality of these clips will tend to suffer.  I apologize in advance.

The most notable thing about Unknown Song #5 is that it sounds like an intentional knockoff of "Birdland," the 1977 jazz-fusion hit by Weather Report.  It's a bit more synthy, as one would expect from a 1980s production song, but the similarities are still obvious.  Accompanying this track is a season-opening matchup between the Seahawks & Broncos that was played in the middle of a ticker-tape parade for some reason.

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