Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Non-Highlight Track (New Primetime) - Hardline

Song - Hardline
Artist(s) - Scott Patrick Anderson
Released - 2013
Primetime Usage - 2021
Contained on -
NFL Music Library NFL-0061 (Driving Force 5)
Featured Highlight - Anthony "Booger" McFarland NFC Championship Analysis, 2021


A couple weeks ago, I noted that Unknown Song #58 (Here We Go) had been identified.  That song was used during Keyshawn Johnson's analysis segment of the 2021 NFC Championship.  Shortly after that, Booger McFarland did his own analysis piece for the same game.  The accompanying clip for that section used a track called "Hardline," composed by Scott Patrick Anderson and contained on the 61st. release (not counting the old NFL LPs) of the NFL Films library.  Hardline was actually identified by Godzfire (using the RecognizeSong bot on reddit) about 6 months ago, but—due to busyness and whatnot—I never got around to posting about it until now.  Godzfire also ID'd another non-highlight track from the same NFL Primetime episode that I'll write about next week.

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