Saturday, December 18, 2021

Unknown Song #31 Identified (+ additional note)

US #31, the first segment of Oddball Week, has been identified as "Go For It" by Ray Russell.  This is weirdly the second Week 1, 1997, song to come from a late-'80s MusicHouse album.  It's also the third Ray Russell track to be identified as an NFL Primetime track.  Oddly, two of Russell's three pieces were one-offs used for Cardinals @ Bengals games in the first week of their respective seasons (N.Y. Giants was used in Week 1, 1988).  Special thanks to Noah S for discovering this one.

For some reason, Go For It doesn't show up on KPM's album listing for MHE7, so I added the KPM search link instead.  LINK

Also, one additional note:  "Hard Attack," whose Kosinus album was absent from streaming services for some reason, has now been posted on YouTube.  Thanks to Seth Campbell for noticing this.  YT LINK

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