Saturday, March 31, 2018

Unknown Song #26 ("Game Balls")

Song - Unknown Song #26
Primetime Usage - 1992 (as highlight music)
Featured Highlight - Lions @ Buccaneers, 1992

Most NFL Primetime aficionados will recognize Unknown Song #26 as the Primetime Players ("Game Balls") accompaniment music from the mid-to-late-'90s.  I believe it was used as the Inside the Numbers song at one point, too.  What most fans probably don't remember is that US #26 was also used as a regular highlight track during the 1992 season.  Don't worry if you don't remember, though, because it's one of the weakest highlight songs in the show's history.  US #26 is very much an emotionless interlude piece that just doesn't go together with action.  It's use with Game Balls/Inside the Numbers is much more fitting.

Here's a Lions blowout of the Buccaneers to go with this relatively boring piece.  Those new orange pants sure do look spiffy, though.  Oh, and I have absolutely no idea why Wayne Fontes is wearing a shirt with Union Jacks all over it.

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