Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Unknown Song #25 - World Cup Shuffle

Song - World Cup Shuffle
Artist(s) - Phil Beazley, Phillip John Rigger
Released - 1988
Primetime Usage - 1991-93
Contained on - CM-0009 (The Fineline) (also on iTunes)
Featured Highlight - Falcons @ Redskins, 1992


If you like low-quality synth instrumentation, then Unknown Song #25 is for you.  It doesn't really sound like the primitive synths of the 1970s & early-'80s (that's more appropriate for, say, the Sega Genesis), but instead sounds more like the lowest-quality stuff from around the time this track was used on NFL Primetime.  This piece does have decent energy, however, so it's passable for football highlights despite its obvious cheesiness.  Accompanying US #25 is a Deion Sanders focused highlight where his Falcons lost a tough game against the defending-champion Redskins.  Oh, and there's also a George Will sighting, if you're into that sort of thing…


  1. This was also used for Philadelphia Flyers telecasts in 1990:

    1. Yeah, there have been several music overlaps I've noticed between NFL Primetime & other media usage. Production music libraries seem to have been quite popular in the '80s and '90s.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Good find. It seems like this track was actually used quite a bit.