Saturday, February 10, 2024

Unknown Song #59 Identified

That was fast…  Thanks to Godzfire's sound-editing skills and his use of an audio fingerprinting program, US #59 has already been identified as the underscore version of a song called "Rainwater."  Eric Cunningham & Chris Lang, the composers of "Pure Glam," also feature on this one, as well as some guy named Chris Wright (I couldn't find any info about him).  Rainwater is housed in a different library than Pure Glam, though—the Killer Edge label from Killer Tracks.  It's on EDGE2, titled Rock: Alternative 2.  I listed the year as "1999?" for the release of EDGE2 because the Universal website says it was released in 2000, but Discogs has EDGE13 coming out in 1999.  Universal has the release date for the first umpteen Killer Edge albums as all being January 1, 2000, so I figure they just weren't being too thorough there.


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