Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Non-Highlight Track - Strength

Song - Strength
Artist(s) - Paul Foss
Released - 1997
Primetime Usage - 2001-05? (infrequent non-highlight track)
Contained on - ATMOS 92 (Virtual Corporation) 
Featured Highlight - Game Balls - Week 2, 2001


The last of the four non-highlight tracks I've ID'd thus far, "Strength" is a somewhat somber & moody piece that wasn't used very often on NFL Primetime.  The clip included here, the Game Balls section from Week 2 of 2001 (the first post-9/11 week), is the first use of Strength I know of.  I think it was used periodically until the end of classic Primetime, but I'm not really sure; I don't really want to sift through five seasons worth of NFL Primetime episodes just to log uses of a rare non-highlight song.  If anyone does have better knowledge of Strength's exact usage, don't hesitate to comment.

Strength is the third NFL Primetime track I've found to be composed by Paul Foss.  It's actually contained on the same album as New Order, which was used for the second-&-final time on the show in the same episode as the clip below.  It's also the eighth song I've ID'd to come from the Atmosphere library, which I believe puts that library third behind FirstCom & Sonoton.

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