Thursday, February 15, 2018

Unknown Song #22 Identified

I stumbled onto this one while perusing through production-music albums. US#22 is "Out Front" by Rick Baker.  The actual part heard on Primetime was probably less than half the song, though—the track has a long, slow intro and a fairly long outro.  The fast middle part wasn't cut up or anything on the show, though—just looped.  I'm not sure where to find Out Front online unfortunately, since the early regular Chappell (not Chappell AV) albums don't seem to be streamable.  I can't find much info on Rick Baker, either.  He composed a bit for Chappell & Carlin, but I can't really find anything else.

*EDIT* (1/13/19) - You can now find the song on youtube, at least.

Revised Link

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