Saturday, December 9, 2017

Unknown Song #15 Identified

Finally, an Unknown Song has been fully identified for the first time since early October.  US #15 is "Wheels in Motion" by David Chesky.  Special thanks to "Noah S" on youtube for showing me Dave Volsky's post of this song.  The only album I can find with this song is Victory Fever:  Fanfares for Sports and Sporting Event, which seems to be a recent compilation of Chesky's sports stuff along with some songs by other artists.  All of Chesky's tracks from this album are included in the youtube channel/account that's linked above (they are not all together, annoyingly).  I have no idea what production music label originally housed them.  My guess is that it's either the NFL Music Library LPs or perhaps Manhattan Music since Chesky is credited on a couple of their albums on Discogs.

Revised Link

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