Monday, August 15, 2016

Top Decision Maker

Song - Top Decision Maker
Artist(s) - "Sammy Burdson" (Gerhard Narholz)
Released - 1988
Primetime Usage - 1989-90
Contained on - SON 299 (Ideas from the Creative Factory, Vol. 1), Sonoton SCD 15 (Ideas-Decision Makers/Sales Force)
Featured Highlight - Jets @ Dolphins, 1989

By request, I'm identifying this moody gem from NFL Primetime's Sonoton era.  "Top Decision Maker," by Gerhard Narholz under an oft-used pseudonym, is a perfect example of the style & instrumentation used by NFL Primetime from 1989-90.  The heavy synth, though not football-like on the surface, works well with games with less-than-sunny skies…  or less-than-sunny play on the field.  I guess it's kinda like Neck & Neck in that regard, though Neck & Neck hits that tone a bit harder than Top Decision Maker.

In light of recent tragic events at ESPN, I thought it appropriate to post a highlight that featured John Saunders doing the commentary.  Here's him presenting the Jets and their shootout victory over an uncharacteristically mediocre edition of Shula's Dolphins.

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